5 Tips for Knowledge Management to Support Modern Digital Work

Cloud technologies that are independent of time, place, and device have revolutionized business and information management, bringing cost-effective tools for everyone to use. Read five tips from Solu Digital to support digital work.

The technologies used to manage and manage information have revolutionized working life for several decades, further enhancing our work.

Until 10 years ago, the situation was different when we founded Solu Digital, a provider of information management solutions utilizing Microsoft technologies. Our IT consulting company in Espoo’s Innovation Home co-operation office space facilitates the daily lives of employees in organizations in various industries, such as Helsinki Region Transport, Trade Union Pro, Scania and Transmer, with solutions, deployments and training.

In the 2010s, IT procurement was not limited to the acquisition and implementation of information systems. There was a bunch of equipment all the way from the organization’s own servers to network drives. IT projects were expensive and time-consuming to implement even before the actual implementation phase among all users.

Today, most processes can be electrified easily, quickly, and cost-effectively with comprehensive features enabled by cloud services. With the functionality of cloud services, virtual work is possible regardless of time, place and device:

· Data collection, storage, processing and sharing

· Reporting, analysis, visualization and forecasting

· Automation of tasks and workflows.

Tip 1: Sharpen your sensitivity to change inside and outside your organization

Today’s business environment is changing at an ever-accelerating pace in the organization, both internally and externally. It must be possible to respond to these changes and the challenges and needs they bring as quickly as possible.

It is worth focusing on staff well-being by monitoring relevant information related to the work of teams and employees. One way to do this is to regularly measure the “pulse” of staff satisfaction, report on the results, and take planned action based on the feedback.

Developing the customer experience is also at the heart of the business. At what point in the customer experience from customers to obtain information determines a lot of core functions such as customer service, sales and marketing direction.

With the tools provided by the Microsoft Power Platform, the pulse is felt and clearly visible in streamlining, tracking, measuring and developing your business:

· Design and publish easy-to-use mobile and browser-based queries and forms with Microsoft Power Apps

· Automate task and process workflows with Microsoft Power Automate

· Design and publish easily and clearly visualized reports and forecasts with Microsoft Power BI.

Tip 2: Make sure information is available regardless of time, place, or device

Today, data and documents play an increasingly important role in driving the operations of an organization and a company – so their systematic management is paramount. The low cost of cloud technology and the ability to expand the use of cloud space flexibly according to needs have made information management solutions especially popular in cloud services.

Running a business is determined by how you learn to collect and utilize data for yourself. With key indicators of an organization’s performance clearly known, attention should be paid to how information is collected, stored, processed, stored, and distributed within and outside the organization.

Technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business for managing shared and personalized documents ensure:

· Information is available regardless of the time, place and device

· The accuracy of the information

· Data discoverability

· Processing information and documents, for example through co-editing and commenting

· Information lifecycle management for securely creating a document for sharing.

In addition to these tools, Microsoft 365 cloud services cover a wide range of other productivity-enhancing tools for mobile and browser use.

Tip 3: Bring customers closer with communication and virtual collaboration

Today, the customer is closer than ever and communication with the customer has become more mundane. The versatile coverage of different means of communication has led to a lower threshold for contacting the customer – and vice versa. Today, it is much faster and easier to exchange information and interact.

Customers know more than ever and shopping is easier. So your main goal is to make buying quick and effortless. For example, in B2B sales, making a purchase decision in a customer organization may be a lengthy process. There is a surprising amount of meetings and documentaries, and not all the information about the meetings several months ago can be remembered.

Microsoft Teams and its rich functionality focus on one application, including:

· Online meetings

· Video calls

· Instant messaging conversations

· Task management

· Document management

· Applications and workflows that streamline processes and tasks.

The opportunities offered by Microsoft Teams to streamline your own work and collaborate with others are a great tool as you strive to bring and keep your customer closer than ever before.

Tip 4: Automate everything you can to ensure a smooth business

Streamline operations toward your customers by automating everything possible that slows down the use, purchase, or delivery of the service. A good starting point for this is to identify customers ’buying paths.

Next, it’s a good idea to map out your company’s opportunities and threats in terms of purchasing paths; what things work, where is there room for improvement? The information gathered from the customer experience should also be utilized at this stage.

Automating processes such as purchasing, productization, and invoicing is cost-effective with ready-made technology. The Microsoft Power Platform provides fast and agile built-in solutions that make the steps of the buying path much easier.

Tip 5: Feel free to try new solutions and applications

Nowadays, trying out new ideas and ways is also very convenient. Cloud technology allows for easy experimentation and testing of different applications to find the right way for your business.

Finding that workable thing from time to time requires several failed attempts, but it’s not worth getting discouraged. With mobile and browser-based tools, you can try testing different features and settings with instant editing and publishing, for example.

In the case of companies providing services, you can consider making an appointment, for example; can time be booked online, and if so, when and how can time be booked? Are there other customer-friendly features associated with the appointment?

Tools for modern work easily, quickly and cost-effectively

Knowledge management with modern technologies has evolved into an easy-to-use and effortless option that is available to all information workers in an organization. The tools are easy to implement on your own. Some companies are encouraged to develop such competencies so that the potential of technologies is understood and exploited to streamline processes and tasks.

There are many ways to improve the smoothness of your shopping experience to make your shopping and other customer experience steps as easy as possible for your customer.

Marko Koskela, Chief Commercial Officer, Partner

Jari Kyläjärvi, Director, Partner Solu Digital Oy



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