6 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Brand And Increase Your Sales

The blog was written by Konsta Turunen, the founder of Comia Creative Oy, which is part of our network of experts .

A brand can be a bit of a strenuous buzzword, from time to time even to the point of boredom. However, the brand today is the cornerstone of any kind of business that should not be ignored with a shrug. If you want to succeed as a business, you need a strong brand to help you.

What is a brand? What about branding?

The brand is often explained unnecessarily obscure and glazed with jargon, so here comes the thing in such a simplified form that even children will realize it:

Brand = Company reputation

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, the world’s fourth most valuable brand, sums up the definition of the brand quite:

“Your brand is what people talk about you when you’re not there.”

Branding, in turn, means building the kind of reputation you want.

So what? Why should this be of interest?

For example, because a strong brand is often willing to pay more. Think, for example, of the fashion company Louis Vuitton – they sell t-shirts for 500 euros a piece, while an otherwise almost similar product with a slightly different print costs less than 10 euros at Tokmanni.

One t-shirt costs € 8 and the other € 536

Even if your goal is not to be Vuitton in your industry, a strong brand also means more customers. It is easier to turn to a well-known and reputable company – who wouldn’t want to be an entrepreneur?

It’s clear. So how do I get a brand for myself? Can I buy it somewhere?

Noup, unfortunately you don’t get the brand from the store, but it takes a long time to build it. Like Rome, a brand is not built in a day and not necessarily in months. However, we’ve listed some branding criteria to help you easily strengthen your brand.

1. Define your brand

If you haven’t already done so, ask yourself the classic questions for entrepreneurship now: What? To whom? Why?

At Comia Creative, for example, we make SME marketing spectacular, stand out from the crowd and as effortless as possible, yet at a reasonable price. We really want to help people and make the world a better and more beautiful place for everyone – even one website at a time.

When the answers to these questions are found crystal clear in your mind, you will be able to focus on the essentials and it will be much easier to build a brand.

2. Get eye-catching and business-like marketing materials

The first impression of your business is often created based on your marketing materials, such as your website or even your business cards. So get stylish materials for your business that tell the story of your business and address your target audience.

3. Keep your visual look consistent across all channels

Simply looking good alone is not enough, but it is worthwhile for your company to look as unified as possible, whether it is the interior of some or even a stone foot shop. Using the same colors, fonts, and visual look everywhere will give your business a professional and knowledgeable impression.

I’ve even seen the wildest and most committed entrepreneurs of all use lipstick that matches their brand color. Absolutely admirable dedication!

4. Take care of the “tone of voice” you communicate with

Your speaking style and met message should be in line with your brand.

For example, if a company’s brand is essentially relaxed, you may not want to write in some rigid literary language without emoticons or talk to customers on the phone in a monotonous voice.

However, the tone should not be forced by force, but should feel natural to both yourself and the client. Wink wink, Posti.

5. Keep your word and show it

As in life anyway, promises are made to be kept. The importance of this is especially emphasized in the corporate world and in brand building.

For example, if you claim to be close and helpful, it is not enough to just shout it out loud. You also need to act strictly accordingly. Really help people with their problems, write free guides, do charity or whatever, so that your helpful attitude is also visible and heard.

6. Pay attention to detail

It is said that the devil lives in the details. This is completely true of brand building as well.

By paying attention to detail, you give a quality picture of whatever you do. After recently shopping for clothes, I noticed some fun little details in the Product Label of a piece of clothing I bought:


It became a feeling that if these guys invest in things that are almost insignificant, other things must also be of high quality.

And now I don’t mean that you would necessarily have to start customizing the fasteners on the tags of your products, but you did understand Point. In the end, the details have a surprisingly great power subconsciously.

When you take over these things, your brand will have a strong foundation and good prospects for success. Building a brand is a hard run and often requires blood, sweat and tears. Fortunately, however, you are not alone with this, but for example, you will find people from us who want to help your business thrive!



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