Acknowledgment to Pentti Komssi, Procurement Representative, for the meritorious work done for the benefit of entrepreneurs

Since 2017, Pentti Komssi has acted as a procurement advisor in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The work includes advising, coaching and sparring entrepreneurs on public procurement.

Pentti also acts as a support for procurement units, so that even small companies can participate in tenders and receive as many good quality offers as possible.

Suomen Yrittäjät recognizes this meritorious work with the organization’s bronze medal. Warm congratulations!

Entrepreneur, be sure to take advantage of free sourcing consulting services. You will receive specific advice from the perspective of your company and your products / services on how you should proceed to maximize your opportunities in the public procurement maze defined by the Procurement Act. Purchasing advice will also help you when you need support using Hilma, electronic bidding services and voucher systems.



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