Continuous learning is a prerequisite for good work and everyday life – the pilot of the Everyone model in Espoo

Precise help for the everyday life and work of an entrepreneur

The world of work is digitalizing and customer needs are changing. The entrepreneur adapts to change by developing the services and products needed by the market through appropriate channels. An entrepreneur is in the same boat with employees and all citizens – continuous learning is a prerequisite for good work and everyday life.

However, the entrepreneur often lacks systematic support from the work community in the form of in-service training or welfare services. Learning must be linked to the profitability of the business, both in terms of turnover and resilience. Often, simply identifying, articulating development needs, and taking small steps to address them will begin to make a big difference.

For this need, we developed an agile model for everyone, in which work and everyday life are improved in small steps, in a group, locally and entirely on the terms of the learner. We wanted to develop a model for all citizens – for all labor market and life situations. That is why, in addition to integrating immigrant parents and young people looking for a place to study, we are also piloting it with entrepreneurs in Espoo on business and well-being themes. Peer support, a concrete and personal development goal and the lightness of the model were considered important.

What is the Everyone Model?

The idea of ​​the Everyone Model is the view that a changing society requires the continuous development of basic skills by all citizens. Reading, numerical and digital skills are needed in various forms on a daily basis in work and everyday life. Instead of the traditional desk and textbook method, the model develops basic skills by improving work and everyday life. In the model, a group that operates locally in a specific geographical area is assembled around a learning theme (health, economics, unemployment, etc.). Each member of the group, with the support of the group, the facilitator and the local partners, formulates a personal development plan, draws up a solution plan of their own size and appearance, and purposefully solves it. There is no curriculum, but the content is made by the learners.

Challenges for the development of entrepreneurs in Espoo

The training themes for entrepreneurs were business and well-being development. The training was group-based and project-based.

The model gave me a great opportunity to stop researching my own entrepreneurial map in a peer group, share views together with other entrepreneurs, gain insights and support for the development of my own business and start working on my own development project, Marjaliisa Majavesi from Avartamo describes.

Entrepreneur-specific challenges were concretely related to everyday life and work:

  • pension calculations, tendering for pension insurance
  • website redesign
  • use of time
  • coping
  • stress
  • insomnia
  • dependencies
  • loneliness

In line with the philosophy of the model, local partners were involved to support the learners and tutors, who, in addition to the know-how support, were responsible for taking care of the learners’ service needs as needed after the training.

The partners and sparrers in the Espoo pilots were YritysEspoo, Espoo Yrittäjät, the Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Office’s Business Services and the Enterprise Finland Financial Advice Services. Aura Pylkkänen and Pauliina Oksanen from EJY work with me as trainers. For them, networking and peer support were number one.

In group coaching, it was particularly fruitful to combine personal and needs-based sparring with networking and peer support. A communal model for everyone would certainly be needed now, even in exceptional times, Aura and Pauliina add up.

The Everyone model will be utilized in the co-operation training of the Coastal Ostrobothnia Entrepreneurs and the Finnish National Agency for Digital and Population Information , DVV, to be held in autumn 2020 in Vaasa , with the aim of developing entrepreneurs’ marketing and digital skills. Together with partners, the DVV surveys the supply and need for digital support for companies and communities. More information: Mirva Gullman, .

Pilot partner information: CompanyEspoo, Päivi Lahtelin-Laine, Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Office, Merja Lappeteläinen and Enterprise Finland Financial Assistance Advisory Service, Jari Leskinen.

The Everyone Model has been developed as part of the Study Center Sivis and the Citizens’ Fundamental Skills Citizen’s Basic Skills project 2018-2020. More information and a trainer’s guide at . Further information: Anna Grant, , Nina Hjelt, , Virpi Markkanen, and Kristiina Andreasson, ( communication). Author Kaisa Välivehmas (from Uniikkiura Oy) worked as a project manager in the development team of the Everyone Model 2018-2020.



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