Corporate responsibility are concrete actions – what are they for you as an entrepreneur?

More than half of Finns want companies to take concrete responsibility actions. Many customers consider it very important that the origin of the products is known, that the carbon footprint is as small as possible and that the working conditions of the staff are in order. How can companies meet such expectations?

Companies can gradually improve their performance: there are different levels of responsibility. Responsibility can range from individual projects to the fact that responsibility acts as a driver of product development and the company also demands responsibility from its partners.

The demands of responsibility are rising all the time, as sustainable development is already commonplace in many ways. Responsibility in the consumer’s daily life is more than just climate actions. What was enough for the podium in the corporate responsibility competition yesterday is already a basic requirement to participate in the competition at all today.

So how can your company stand out in responsibility? The key is to speak through the facts credibly. Entrepreneur, don’t forget to tell your customers about your responsible actions and the benefits of your responsible products! For you, everyday responsibilities may not be visible to your customers at all unless you tell us about them.

Responsibility is about providing solutions to customers

Responsibility is not glued green washing but providing solutions to customers. Responsible products help consumers live more environmentally friendly and provide more competitive advantage to business customers. It is especially important for large companies that responsibility is in place throughout the supply chain.

Responsibility thinking has diversified. Responsibility is also about taking care of customers and jobs. Who would have guessed a year ago that the responsibility also lies in organizing safe events, for example, given interest rate restrictions?

What does responsibility mean in your company right now? And how are you going to tell your customers about your responsible products and services?

The author of the article is Ville Tolvanen , M.Sc. (Econ.), M.Sc. Ville sparring current and future entrepreneurs in starting and developing a vibrant business. His clients are creators in the creative industries and also everyone else considering setting up or developing a business.



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