Entrepreneur some – Fussing or the right marketing channel?

Why should an entrepreneur be involved in social media? How bold can a some be? Take a look at BE’s TOP5 tips for entrepreneurs at what you should at least do.

You can get practical examples from BE Studio about how to use something as a designed and impressive marketing channel. With social media, you can also easily collect data about your customers and followers. You will hear how Natura Viva, which provides nature services, has succeeded in using Finnish to direct visitors to its online store and build awareness.

Ilkka Lariola  , Founder and CEO of Natura Viva, and Hanna Saari , Visit Espoo Content Manager, will be  expert guests at BE Studio  . The studio is hosted by Harri Paananen,  Business Manager  from the City of Espoo .

Watch BE-studio Business on Espoo’s  YouTube channel .

Video Content:

– Why should the company be in the company? (1:55)
– Why social media? (3:45)
– What is Tone of Voice? (8:27)
– Security in Some (13:48)
– How bold can Some be? (18:00)
– Finnish interactivity and influence (23:45)
– Measuring Finnish and utilizing results (30:00)
– TOP5 tips for Finnish (35:50)



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