Events and trainings for entrepreneurs and companies are compiled in one calendar

A new digital event calendar is being tested in Espoo, which brings together information on events and training for companies, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship planners in the region. The calendar provides information on both physical and virtual networking events, entrepreneurship training, seminars related to a specific theme or field, and application times for growth and acceleration programs, for example.

The aim of the calendar experiment is to provide physical and virtual event and training information in one place, which makes it easier to find the most important events and trainings for your own business. The experiment also promotes co-operation between the organizers of entrepreneurial and corporate events in the region, among other things, in eliminating duplication, reaching the right target groups and developing the necessary event content. The digital event calendar experiment speeds up information retrieval and also supports the Korona era by providing situation-specific information to companies and those interested in entrepreneurship.

Multilevel network experiment

The digital calendar of events will be implemented between August 2020 and February 2021. The seven members of the Business Espoo business service network are involved: the City of Espoo, Enter Espoo, the Espoo Entrepreneurs, the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Omnia, Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development and BusinessEspoo. In addition, key event organizers in Espoo and the surrounding area have been invited to take part in the experiment, organizing startup events, seminars in various fields and open networking events. The partners involved in the development of the calendar and its operating model are VTT , Aalto Startup Center and Urban Mill . Ecosystem actors and concentrations in various fields, such as Smart Otaniemi , will also take part in the experiment .Health Capital Helsinki, Helsinki Business Hub and Business Finland.

“Espoo knows how to co-operate extensively, and the calendar of events can be called a multi-level network experiment, in which, in addition to the Business Espoo network, actors from our entire ecosystem network are involved,” says project manager Heli Hidén from the City of Espoo.

During the experiment, the City of Espoo and its partners will map out the companies’ wishes for events and training, and create a basis for closer cooperation between event organizers. An estimated 15-25 organizations will be included in the trial to report their events.

“Everyone can come along to try and look for the events they want. Just because you click on the event topics that interest you, helps us to develop the event offer in our area through analytics, ”encourages Heli Hidén.

The calendar of events is published on its own website .

The experiment is part of Espoo’s digital agenda experiments, which aim to develop the city’s services using digital solutions and new technology. The calendar is implemented by Siili Solutions .

More information:

Event calendar experiment : project manager Heli Hidén, City of Espoo Service Development Unit , tel. +358 40 801 9930,

Digiagenda experiments: Valia Wistuba, Development Manager, City of Espoo Service Development Unit, tel. +358 43 825 2905,



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