Financing and services to support development work

Expenditure on salaries, consultancy, travel, participation in trade fairs and similar expenditure relating to development measures may be supported up to a maximum of 50%.
Depending on the size and location of the company, the investments included in the project can be supported by 10–35%.

Read more about the development grant on the ELY Centre’s website.

Business development services

You can develop your business cost-effectively with the help of Finland’s leading experts, as the support covers 75-80% of the consultant’s bill.

Business development services are consulting and training services provided by the ELY Center. They support the growth, renewal, internationalization and employment of SMEs. Read more on the ELY Centre’s website:

Innovation voucher

Support of up to EUR 4000 (+ VAT) for SMEs that have a new product or service idea with international growth potential and for which the company needs external know-how. Self-financing share 1000 eur + VAT.

Read more about the Innovation Voucher on Business Finland’s website.

Tempo funding

75% financing, up to EUR 50,000, for Finnish startups, SMEs and mid-caps in the form of limited companies aiming at international growth, market research, early customer feedback and business model, technology and company development.

More information on Tempo financing on the Business Finland website.

If the emphasis of the project is on product development and the company has a sufficient view of its global competitiveness, it is worth getting acquainted with Business Finland’s research and development funding .

Market Explorer

Funding ranges from € 5,000 to € 10,000 and covers 50% of the cost of acquiring expert services. In addition, other costs are accepted up to a maximum of 20% of the amount of services purchased.

For companies looking for new markets abroad for their product, service or business model by purchasing expert services. The company may be in the early stages of internationalization or already operating in export markets.

Read more on Business Finland’s website

AVEK subsidies

Funding for companies in the creative industries and the promotion of cultural entrepreneurship.

Read more: AVEK subsidies

Our business advice helps you as a sparrer of development ideas and as a mapping of funding and support opportunities.



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