Reputation does not come from scratch – what is the reputation of your company?

Each of us deals with several companies almost on a daily basis. We go to the grocery store, have lunch at a restaurant or buy clothes from an online store, for example. Businesses and customers meet and chat with each other face-to-face, online and on social media.

It is from these encounters that the reputation of every company arises. A good reputation is created, for example, by the fact that the company’s products and services are of high quality, the company listens to its customers and the company operates responsibly.

Reputation is also directly linked to the success of your business. By improving their reputation, every company can increase sales of its products and services. A reputable company will also be better able to get financing and employees.

Fame is created by team play

Building a reputation belongs to everyone in an organization, not just an entrepreneur or leader, for example. Reputation comes from everything the organization does and also from the support of stakeholders. Nowadays, it is increasingly important to get some and opinion leaders to keep their fingers crossed for the company.

Too often, reputation is only talked about when it is being tested. The interest rate crisis has been an exceptional time for companies and their customers. Many customers especially seek security from reputable companies and their familiar products and services.

It is the company’s job to understand its customers, partners and stakeholders, and not the other way around. You should find out from customers how they understand your business. It is important to put yourself in the position of customers, because sales euros will bring you.

Entrepreneur, what do your customers expect from you? What actions are you going to take to meet these expectations? And with what reputation do you also help completely new customers find your business?

The author of the article is Ville Tolvanen , M.Sc. (Econ.), M.Sc.  Ville sparring current and future entrepreneurs in starting and developing a vibrant business. His clients are creators in the creative industries and also everyone else considering setting up or developing a business.



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