The young entrepreneur of the year in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is not afraid to spend his free time with customers

Atte Pohjanmaa , Vertics Oy, a 22-year-old from Espoo, has been chosen as the young entrepreneur in the Helsinki metropolitan area in 2021  . Ostrobothnia is the main owner and CEO of Vertics. Vertics’ main business is software design and manufacturing.

Atte Ostrobothnia founded Vertics Oy together with  Max Kalhama  in 2017. The company started to grow rapidly and the company had already hired nine employees the following year. In 2020, net sales increased by MEUR 1.3. and the company employed 25 external workers. This year, Vertics already employs more than 40 software developers, graphic designers, sales professionals and more. Net sales are expected to rise to two million euros.

Aten’s path to success has been helped by role models. First a technically savvy own father and later, through personal networks, someone who has been able to admire. From them, Atte has absorbed knowledge and skill. But the most important secret of success has been the desire to build that own thing like Pelle Peloton, who is familiar from Aku Anka.

So far, Aten thinks the most satisfying thing about entrepreneurship has been: “Everyone first: the first employee, the first bill, the first big deal, the bigger first deal, one day the first dividend payment.” Atte says software development is an area where he loves to be problem solvers, both for himself and his customers.

“It has often been a supporter of even the toughest episodes. A good customer meeting where know-how, solutions, trust and understanding are created. It gives absolutely amazing cookies. I love my customers and I have no problem spending free time with my customers, for example, ”says Atte.

Atte Ostrobothnia gives three more points to a young person who is currently considering starting a business:

1. Eyes & ears open.

2. Take it easy and stop pushing.

3. Start doing, the universe controls the author.

The young entrepreneur in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area was elected by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Entrepreneurs’ Board. The selection panel justified Atte Ostrobothnia’s choice, taking into account its young age, with an exceptional determination to grow the company right from its inception, with the enthusiasm to invent and develop something of its own, with the courage to recognize its admired

The prize was presented to the winner on Friday 7.5. Esa Niinivaara  , Chairman of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Entrepreneurs,  and Erkki Pärssinen , CEO  . There were more proposals for a young entrepreneur in the Helsinki metropolitan area this year, several dozen from different quarters.

Additional information:

Atte Ostrobothnia tel. +358 44 2820 291

Erkki Pärssinen tel. +358 50 411 1104



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