This is how you apply for start-up money for the first steps in your business

The start-up grant supports the livelihood of a start-up entrepreneur in the early stages of starting a business. See the BE studio for instructions on how and under what conditions to apply for a start-up grant. Watch the video on Business Espoo’s YouTube channel (external link) .

Video Content:

  • What is a start-up money? 2:00
  • Prerequisites for the start-up grant applicant 3:05
  • Prerequisites for business 5:19
  • Duration and amount of start money 9:37
  • Obstacles to getting start money 11:45

Instructions for applying for a start-up grant:

  • Preparation of the application 16:23
  • Electronic search 20:13
  • Business started as unemployed (4 months) 22:00
  • The effect of the municipal experiment on the start-up money application 24:00
  • Business Espoo serves start-up companies at different stages of the company’s entire life cycle at 26:11

Petri Pohjala , an expert in business services at the Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Office, will be an expert guest at BE Studio . The studio is hosted by Saija Äikäs , Director of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce .

The start-up grant is a support granted to the start-up entrepreneur by the City of Espoo and the Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Office. Its purpose is to support the livelihood of a start-up entrepreneur in the early stages of a full-time business, when the income from the business is still low. Start-up money encourages you to continue as an entrepreneur. You must apply for a start-up grant and receive a decision before starting a full-time business. Read more (external link) .



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