With ELY’s development grant, a new direction and growth for the company

The ELY Centre’s development grant is now also available in Uusimaa! You can get support for a wide range of development tasks and investments, see if you can find your own project below. Eligible tasks are:
The projects to be funded will, as a general rule, implement the following measures:
  • supporting SMEs affected by the interest rate crisis (eg tourism, cultural and event services) to develop and innovate services and products to reach existing and new customer groups;
  • support for SMEs in the industrial sector (including the high-value bioeconomy) and their RTD measures, in particular in the development, commercialization and internationalization of low-carbon and circular economy products, services and production methods, and in the introduction of new technologies, taking into account the life cycle environmental impact of products;
  • supporting the development of cyber security for SMEs and the use of digitalisation in the company’s operations (various data-based solutions and related RDI activities such as big data, analysis tools, artificial intelligence)
  • supporting the development of market expertise and export-friendly networks and business ecosystems
  • support for welfare, social and health SMEs and their RDI activities in the rapid development of products and services, the use of digitalisation and systematic clinical testing and validation
  • Accelerate the digitalisation of companies, the public sector and the third sector and the development of products, service processes and services, in particular in the context of the recovery from the corona pandemic (including accessible and easy-to-use services and digital devices)
  • promoting industrial digitalisation
  • promoting business and knowledge-based RDI activities related to green growth, the sustainable use of natural resources and sustainable technology and the circular economy;
  • developing tools and instruments to use public procurement as a tool for development and the commercialization of new business and innovation
  • developing RDI and business related to life cycle thinking and systemic change
  • supporting the development of sustainable transport systems and the digitalisation of mobility
  • supporting the rapid development and validation of new healthcare products and innovations, including by strengthening international cooperation
Expenditure on salaries, consultancy, travel, participation in fairs and similar expenditure relating to development measures may be supported up to a maximum of 50% of the eligible expenditure. Depending on the size and location of the company, the investments included in the project can be supported at 10-35% of the eligible costs.



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