Buying, selling, closing down business or generating sales

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Buying, selling, closing down business or generating sales

Acquisition is often a long and complex process. Fortunately, help and advice is available: in addition to our business advice, our network of experienced acquisition experts will help you find the best solutions for a smooth transaction. So don’t be left alone with the questions that preoccupy your mind, but feel free to contact us.

Generational change

A change of generation is a change of ownership, involving many issues related to taxation and company law, but also sanctions based on family and inheritance law, which should be prepared for with the help of an external expert. A well-planned generational change will help avoid disputes and secure the future of the family business.

Termination of the company

There does not have to be any drama involved in closing a business: it can be due to a change in the entrepreneur’s life situation, retirement, illness, moving, an interesting job or a degree. If the sale of the business fails, the business must be run down as required by law. There are different requirements for closing down different types of companies. It is a good idea for a person planning to wind up a business to familiarize themselves with these in order to avoid mistakes, delays in the process and additional costs.

Book an appointment for free advice

Our business experts will help you as sparrers on change of ownership issues and guide you in your search for information. From our appointment calendar, you can book a free, personal consultation time when it suits you. We currently serve remotely and by phone. Through the advice, the lawyers of our member network are also available to you.

Participate in Company Development Day briefings

CompanyEspoon Company Development Day is a once-a-month webinar series open to all entrepreneurs. Each development day includes 3-5 free information sessions or workshops from which the entrepreneur can choose topics that interest him or her and are useful for his or her work – or participate in all of them. See the upcoming Company Development Days in our event calendar.

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