YritysEspoo experts network

YritysEspoo Experts Network

In addition to our business advice, you may need special expertise in, for example, legal matters, change of ownership or IPR matters. Our business advisors can then send a referral to experts who are top experts in our network. The first consultation visit with an expert is free of charge. Experts will bill for any other measures separately according to their price list.

Accounting offices, financial administration, auditing

Agrotaloushallinto Oy is a full-service advisory account / financial administration office established in 2015.

In addition to statutory accounting, payroll, financial statements and tax returns, we handle much more. Searching for business support and reporting, investment accounting, starting a business and advising a start-up entrepreneur, arrears accounting, controller duties, financial management services, rehabilitating the company’s financial situation, we help the entrepreneur in optimizing taxes and advising on taxation – here are just some of our services.

We serve customer-oriented, smoothly using electronic tools. We operate with absolute quality so that the entrepreneur does not have to worry about statutory financial management. We are the entrepreneur’s financial management partner and we tailor the customer base to the extent that each entrepreneur needs. We also perform project-specific financial management tasks.

Agrotaloushallinto Oy – accurate financial management!

Contact information:

pp. 040 579 1051





Carpentum Oy is an authorized accounting firm that provides financial administration services from the establishment of a company to day-to-day tasks and company law activities. We also provide financial management guidance, consulting and training. Our customer base consists of small and medium-sized companies.

Even a good skipper needs a pilot – let’s pilot your company’s financial management together in safe waters!

Read Carpentum’s member presentation .

More information:  www.carpentum.fi

We offer entrepreneurs a free, browser-based Archimedes billing program.

For every entrepreneur can make even small amounts of invoices effortlessly anywhere, anytime. The free Archimedes has ready-made, clear invoice templates, an invoice list, a customer and product register, accounting reporting, and the ability to send electronic invoices and make offers.

Why is Archimedes free?
We want to offer occasional and low-billing companies a variety of billing features to make invoicing easier.

The free version of Archimedes can send 10 bills a year. Other features of the program can be used free of charge for as long as you wish.
As the number of invoices increases, the user can expand to paid scopes, which means that we also receive money. Fair? Many think it is. Save
We are also happy for those for whom the free version is great. We believe they will recommend our services to their business friends. When an entrepreneur recommends Archimedes to others, we reward both the entrepreneur and his entrepreneur friend with additional bills.

More information:  www.isolta.fi

Lehto Invoicing Oy offers high-quality invoicing expert services throughout Finland. Our customer base consists mainly of SMEs and sole proprietors. We guide you in matters related to invoicing, pricing, sales ledger and contract management. We advise you in detail on how you can maximize your company’s revenue with the right kind of contracts and ensure strong cash with properly staggered billing. You can also outsource your billing to us.

A representative of our company has been working successfully on invoicing in international companies since 2006. Thanks to our long work experience, our representative has excellent knowledge of various billing systems and strong experience in training. We serve in Finnish and English.

You can get to know our company at www.lehtoinvoicing.fi

Leinonen has an accounting firm in 12 European countries. We offer quality accounting and payroll services. If your goal is to make your company’s operations international at some point, Leinonen is the right partner for you. In Finland, we serve our customers in Finnish, English, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Estonian. We also have experience of the accounting requirements for Tekes / Business Finland reporting. Contact us to discuss your business needs!

More information: www.leinonengroup.fi

More information:  www.tilimelco.fi

More information:  www.ms-revisor.fi

An accounting firm that spans its word 

Pair Accounts provides accounting and payroll for small, medium and large businesses. We also help our clients with financial planning, legal and contractual matters, and tough tax issues. We use modern tools and software that also streamline our customers’ business.

We work consistently, systematically and systematically. That is why we are known for high quality and cost-effectiveness. We are a reliable partner, because when we promise something, we keep it.

Welcome to our satisfied customers!

More information:  www.paritilit.fi

All services under one roof – with professionalism!

The purpose of accounting services is to facilitate the daily life of an entrepreneur and enable the outsourcing of financial administration to a reliable professional. As an entrepreneur, you do what you do best – so let us do what we do.

The company’s financial management should always be left in the hands of an experienced professional. Managing financial management is not just about storing material in an information system, but organizing financial management in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Read more:  www.tilitehdas.fi

Tilivara is your company’s own finance department. We support our client companies in all monetary and financial matters. We are happy to consult and keep in touch so you can always be confident that your finances are well managed and focus on your business.

We at Tilivara talk about finance in the language of an entrepreneur: we guide you in all the company’s financial matters, e.g. issues related to invoicing, pricing and margins, international e-commerce, exports and imports, loans and taxes. In addition, of course, we take close care of your company’s accounting and statutory matters on time – and often in a timely manner.

Read more:  www.tilivara.fi

Zervant is an easy online billing program. The service is specially designed for a business name, keeping in mind the needs of a small business owner. Plus, you can download the mobile app to your Android and iPhone so you can bill anywhere, anytime. The service already has more than 750,000 registered companies.

More information:  www.zervant.fi

Marketing, communication, web pages

Aivela Communications Agency – Stand out from the gray mass!

Do you want your company to be visible in the eyes of the right target groups?

Viestintätoimisto Aivela is an agile partner of a growth-oriented pioneer that helps its customers to develop, stand out and succeed. We have years of experience in communication with national and international companies.

We can help, for example, if
• your message has not yet emerged or it misses the glorification
• you do not get customers to understand generated by your value
• need support and guidance in social media, especially LinkedIn, use
• do not have time or a part of themselves to produce effective content for Web pages or some channels
• You want to get your message highlight in the journalistic media
• you need tips or certainty to appear

Our toolkit includes e.g.
• Communication and content strategies
• Content marketing
• Media relations: press releases, supplier
contacts and events • Communication and training

Our blog provides current reviews of marketing and communications trends:

Subscribe to the communication tips of the month: you will regularly receive valuable tips directly to your email:  https://aivela41337.activehosted.com/f/1

Read more:
•  linktr.ee/aivela.fi
•  www.aivela.fi

•  www. Aino pajukangas.com

• Instagram: @ aivela.fi or @ainopajukangas
• Clubhouse: @aivela
• FB:  www.facebook.com/aivela.fi

Feel free to contact us:  hello@aivela.fi

All marketing services from websites to promotional videos under one roof. The quality of a large advertising house, but the cost level of a small advertising agency. International and genuinely serving.

Read more:  www.comiacreative.fi

Does your business make your customer’s eyes shine? At its best, sales, marketing and customer service are inspiring and productive – an opportunity to help customers with their own expertise. The results are measurable and ensure that the time and money invested in marketing pays for itself.

It is worth looking at and developing your own work with an outsider from time to time. As a result, you will gain more momentum in your company’s sales, marketing, communications and customer service, and you will build sustainable growth.

There is a wide range of support available for the development of services and products, as well as marketing , which I am happy to help you apply for.


Kamon is an expert in productization, commercialization and marketing. From us, you get effective and efficient strategies and plans that are easy to implement into practical measures – if you want a turnkey solution. Our operations are guided by cost efficiency and effectiveness. Read more:  www.kamon.fi  or feel free to contact:  monica@kamon.fi

Kupli is a strategic marketing communications agency specializing in digital marketing solutions. We help our clients with effective marketing planning, some and content marketing, digital advertising and WordPress solutions. We want to ensure that the marketing and presence and interaction of our client companies on social media are of the highest possible quality and an integral part of the company’s business strategy.

A bubble exists for the successful marketing of your business.


In addition, we have published the Kupli Academy for small entrepreneurs, where you can find materials and online courses to support the start of digital marketing:  http://academy.kupli.fi .

If you need high-quality photos of yourself, your products, or your business, I’ll be happy to help. My studio is located at the Helsinki Cable Factory or I will come to the premises of your company with my equipment, whatever suits you best.

Photographer at your service: www.markkupajunen.com

The marketing start-up helps start-up entrepreneurs in the early stages of marketing. Through us, you get a corporate look with your logos and business cards, photos of products and people, responsive websites, and content for marketing materials and some channels. We create a foundation for your marketing activities from which you gain visibility for a long time.

Read more about Marketing Start : www.markkinointistartti.fi

For an entrepreneur, selling is the beginning and root of all good things. Without the sale, the entrepreneur has no jobs and the company no turnover.

As a start-up entrepreneur, you can get your business up and running quickly and have the money you need when you actively make sales yourself. If you are an entrepreneur (coach, consultant, IT professional, etc.) who sells your own expertise and know-how on the B2B side, I will be happy to help you get your sales started.

Themes I’ll be happy to help you with:

  • Courage to start selling
  • Clarifying the sales story, ie how you say the benefits of your service / product to your customer
  • Clarity as to who your ideal customer is
  • Help with prospecting, ie who do you contact and through what channels?
  • Help with the structure of sales appointments
  • Support for creating quote templates
  • Pricing of services
  • Productization of services

I myself am actively involved in B2B sales and I am also a Business Coach and a future work supervisor. Working with me is very practical and I strive to make working and having fun in addition to getting it done!

Check out the services: www.onecoach.fi

We keep it simple!

Are you looking for a nice and uncomplicated partner for marketing planning and implementation? A partner who also helps with sales and customer acquisition.

I am Eero Peurala, the leader, designer and graphic designer of POPUP AGENCY. I have a long experience in marketing and the world of entrepreneurship is familiar – I have been an entrepreneur for ten years. Along the way, I’ve helped numerous businesses and people move forward and that’s my passion. The design and implementation agency POPUP AGENCY works in a network with professionals and the best subcontractors in the field.

POPUP AGENCY gives you great ideas and a wide range of expertise. We sparring with you on marketing goals, measures, metrics and results – without forgetting sensible budgeting. We also plan to clarify your company’s core messages – it’s easier to sell when the sayings are worded to fit your customer’s needs well!

A well-done basic job, which is otherwise done with you and not by yourself wisely, will ultimately lead to inspiring, consistent marketing. This also creates peace of mind when you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time – it saves time and money!

POPUP AGENCY implements all marketing materials from a corporate identity. Websites, newsletters, videos, campaigns, trade show appearances and more are created smoothly – professionally and cost-effectively. Here is a summary of our services:

POPUP Design:

  • Your company’s unique core promise and message clarification.
  • High quality corporate identity (logo, typography, colors, formatting) supporting the strategy and operations, style to show and talk.

POPUP Implementation:

  • Websites, videos, campaigns, digital campaigns, marketing automation, newsletters, brochures, sales presentations and trade show appearances.
  • We also use all subcontracting services from printing to trade fair construction.

POPUP Coaching:

  • The business idea and establishment of the company and the planning of the sales pitch.
  • Concept design, graphic design, ideation and creativity.

Invite POPUP’s Eero to the place when you need targeted, profitable and cost-effective marketing for your company to support sales. Meet, map needs and agree on steps to progress and estimate costs.

Eero Peurala, +35840 589 8686, eero@popupagency.fi


Tmi Coltrane – A human-sized advertising agency.

Is it hard to decide how to market, what to do yourself and what to outsource?

Welcome to my marketing incubator! Get a free survey and instructions on how to do the basics. When marketing is planned as a whole, you save time and money. Convince your target audience – make a profit!

In my blog you will find e.g. marketing tips for the novice entrepreneur.  When  you subscribe to the ASIAA Marketing newsletter,  you will regularly receive money-worthy tips straight to your inbox. Register  and book a free consultation!

I serve e.g. in the following:

– Marketing Planning
– Advertising
– Digital Marketing (Website, Facebook, Basic Search Engine Optimization, Business Blog and Twitter)
– Graphic Design
– Graphic Guidelines, Business Cards, Brochures
– Image Editing

See more:   www.puhtiamarkkinointiin.fi

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/puhtiammarkintiin/

Twitter: @tmicoltrane

Contact us:  coltrane@puhtiamarkkinointiin.fi , Tel. 045-633 4839.

Let’s try together!

Zoner is one of Finland’s most popular parties for maintaining your own website. From us, you can get domains, e-mails, web hosts with homepages and maintenance for WordPress quickly and easily. Our customer service helps you in clear Finnish seven days a week.

Zoner is an entrepreneur’s support online! Read more: zoner.fi



Agens Oy now supports companies in exceptional situations caused by the Korona virus, which concern e.g. situations Company-Customers, Company-Partners and Company-Staff.

We’ll offer you an hour-long power pack with a 45-minute consultation based on a situation analysis, after which we’ll send you a 17-page guide and support your business with the steps you decide. Make an appointment for a telephone consultation. One-hour package 140 euros VAT 0%.

Agens Oy
Seppo Parviainen
President and CEO, MBA, LL.M.

Agens Oy is a digital law firm. We leverage smart technology and provide business law services to companies and communities of all sizes, but also to IN HOUSE LAWYERS AS A LEGAL TECH AND LEGAL PARTNER.

Agens also cooperates with the Law Firm and the Law Firm as a supplier to Legal Tech. In this way, we offer a modern and efficient model for the comprehensive legal management of our clients.

Our prices, which are about 2 times lower than the industry average, are based on our more than 150 digital Smart Contracts tools, which we also offer cheaply for your company.

See more information about our company and our operating methods: www.agens.fi

More information:  www.akg.fi

Serving a law firm

We are an office serving legal professionals. We provide high-quality legal services to individuals, companies and public administration actors. Read more about our services and us,  https://www.fennolaw.fi/

Understandable legal service

We have solid experience in providing legal advice to individuals and SMEs. We offer easy-to-implement legal solutions tailored to the customer’s needs, even for demanding situations,  https://www.kevytjuridiikka.fi/

LexLegato provides companies and organizations with advice, training and advice on consumer protection and contract terms so that disputes do not even arise.

Check out the company’s services: www.lexlegato.fi

Financial and insurance sector

Near Tapiola Helsinki Metropolitan Area

We serve companies and entrepreneurs in our area in all matters related to insurance, savings and investment.

As a local company, we are strongly involved in the development of the Helsinki metropolitan area, e.g. utilizing a local partner network.

We offer our customers a personal service in the office, by phone 09 453 9604 Mon-Fri from 8 am to 6 pm and online.

You can also use the services of the Employment Pension Insurance Company Elo through us.

More information:  www.lahitapiola.fi/yritys

OP is a financial group owned by its customers. We create sustainable financial success, security and well-being for our owner-customers and our operating environment. Finnishness, the country’s most comprehensive service network and genuine customer orientation make us a unique player in many ways.

Read more: op.fi

Acquisitions, changes of ownership

Industria Oy is a management expert company that helps companies with various challenges in its development path, whether it is business planning, marketing development, internationalization or further ideation of innovation. We have been partnering with our customers since 1991, operating from three locations: Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

Our experts have extensive experience in the daily life of SMEs. Thanks to our practical way of working, we have long-term customers from many different industries, from metal industry companies to various service industry players.

In our coaching projects, we utilize our extensive network and tailor the entity to suit its needs. In these coaching projects and recruitments, we use e.g. Extended DISC personal analyzes for which we have more than 20 years of experience.

To support our extensive strategy experience, we have developed concepts based on the Blue Sea Strategy to bring a new type of thinking to business planning.

See more at www.industria.fi and www.sinisenmerenstrategia.fi


Suomen Yrityskaupat Oy is Finland’s largest and best-known business broker. Already 25,000 interested buyers are looking for a suitable company to buy through us. We constantly have about 350 companies of different sizes, some of which are visible, some in silent sales.

Every year, we are involved in about 250 changes of ownership and we have already completed almost 3,000 acquisitions. Our website ( www.yrityskaupat.net ) is the most important marketplace in the industry and is visited by thousands of visitors every month.

We help our customers succeed in ownership change situations. Utilizing our expertise and services, entrepreneurs and companies successfully complete the sale of a company or business. In addition, we offer our corporate customers the opportunity to grow their business through acquisitions or to become an entrepreneur by acquiring an existing business.

Our offering covers the entire service chain of the acquisition and the necessary additional services.

We will be happy to offer you our expertise in your change of ownership situations.

Read more:  www.yrityskaupat.net


The nationwide Alina chain offers its customers high-quality domestic work and care services, home nursing and home services for families with children. Alina’s basic mission is to improve the quality of life and well-being of the elderly, families with children and people who otherwise need care. Innovative Alina is constantly developing new services to improve the quality of life and well-being of its customers. The Alina chain consists of local self-employed people, in 2021 Alina will have about 30 companies around the country. Alina’s parent company Alina Hoivatiimi Oy is part of the Nordic welfare group Norlandia.

Check out the services: www.alinahoivatiimi.fi

Espoo Yrittäjät is a joint organization of all Espoo entrepreneurs, which, in addition to local and national  advocacy  , offers the opportunity to network within the framework of diverse events and trainings.

At our events, you will meet local entrepreneurs and as a member you will be part of the Finnish Entrepreneurs’ nationwide business network, which has about 110,000 members. Together, we also have good opportunities to make a social impact locally, nationally and internationally.

When you take advantage of the discounts , free advice  and  offers from our partners  ,   as well as participate in  events  and  training,  you will quickly save your membership fee.
Espoo Entrepreneurs has more than 2,800 members – get to know each other and get involved!

More information:  www.yrittajat.fi/espoonyrittajat/

Ince Consulting Oy is a Finnish expert organization whose goal is to create long-term partnerships based on mutual trust and appreciation with both our small and large clients. The cornerstones of our operations are the controlled and healthy growth of our customers’ operations, enabling growth financing and making it concrete. We have also been involved in numerous domestic and international M&A transactions. In recent years, we have been involved in the growth story of more than 300 of our customers. We are a small and agile but well networked expert organization. We always offer our best expertise and extensive network to our customers.

Kirkkonummi Yrittäjät-Kyrkslätts Företagare ry is an active interest organization for entrepreneurs operating in Kirkkonummi. The purpose of the association, as an expert and influencer, is to improve communication between entrepreneurs and various stakeholders, to provide a channel for active networking, and to strive for a constructive dialogue with municipal officials and decision-makers. The number of members of the association is about 530 and the association operates under the auspices of Uusimaa Entrepreneurs.

More information:  www.yrittajat.fi/kirkkonummi

The location is a company focused on rental services for business premises in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We help when it’s time for your business to change landscape or your space needs a new tenant. The service is free for applicants. Read more: www.location.com

NestorAdvisors are experienced experts who, as part of NestorPartners’ operations, want to continue to contribute their experience, expertise and work to the continuous improvement and development of Finnish business operations, problem solving and internationalization.

NestorAdvisor business development services are

No Limit provides top-level coaching and training to individuals, work communities and educational institutions with the goal of creating the foundation for real and lasting happiness and success.

Read more here. >>

We are Finland’s leading independent reseller of SaaS (Software as a Service) software. We sell business software for rent to companies to make them more efficient. We represent more than 50 Finnish and international SaaS products, which our customers can buy through one point, with one invoice, with a monthly fee.

Get to know the company: www.programistoja.fi

Solutions Agency Seedi is Finland’s most imaginative management consulting firm, offering Solutions in the areas of product and service development, strategy, sales and digitalisation.
We improve the world one day at a time.
We find and solve our customers’ business problems.
We are starting new businesses with problems that have not yet been resolved.
The solution develops the company’s operations and sets it apart from others. It requires both a wealth of ideas and a business understanding. That is why many do not offer solutions.
Seedi was born in 2009 after listening to the challenges of Finnish business leaders and the will to help them. Years and hundreds of projects later, Seed Solutions are created together with the customer, efficiently using agile methods.
Check out  www.seedi.fi

VM IT Oy is a company founded in 2013 that provides IT services to small and medium-sized companies. Our services include expert services, maintenance services and capacity services. In addition, we also offer standard hardware, software and voice services.

By using reliable technology suppliers, we ensure high-quality and well-functioning IT services for our customers. The strength of the company is the agility of a small company, combined with the comprehensive ecosystem management previously provided only by large organizations. VM IT handles the centralized management and maintenance of your company’s identities, licenses, cloud services, and hardware.

We help our customers get to know their own company’s IT solutions and equipment, as well as identify potential risk factors. The service package offered by VM IT enables our customers a flexible way to work regardless of place and time, so that they can always trust that the most important tools are in order. VM IT proactively maintains your security and helps your company take care of data protection in confidential communications. In the event of a crisis, returning to normal is quick and painless, ensuring the continuity of your business.

Read more:  www.vmit.fi

The experience and know-how of a corporate sponsor is available to you free of charge

The sponsors are a nationwide network of experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders and business experts. From your company sponsors, you will have access to his or her experience and expertise. He will act as your sparrer and interlocutor, providing you with guidance and support in your decision making. Your conversations with sponsor companies are confidential and sponsor service is free of charge for you. You can conveniently search for corporate sponsors on the Finnish Corporate Sponsorship Association’s website at http://www.yrityskummit.fi/fi/hae-yrityskummia .

Earnings-related daily allowance is not just the exclusive right of employees. In Finland, entrepreneurs can also belong to an unemployment fund, which pays earnings-related unemployment allowance to their unemployed member.

The Entrepreneurs ‘Unemployment Insurance Fund (formerly the Finnish Entrepreneurs’ Unemployment Insurance Fund SYT) began operations 25 years ago in 1995, when legislation made it possible to set up an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs. At the same time, another self-employed unemployment fund, the AYT, was established in Finland. The funds merged on 1 January 2020 under the name SYT.

As of June 18, 2020, SYT changed its name to the Entrepreneur’s Unemployment Insurance Fund, ie the Entrepreneurship Fund.

Only by joining the Entrepreneurship Fund will an entrepreneur make an earnings-related daily allowance at the end of the business. The operations of the fund are supervised by the Financial Supervision Authority.

Read more: www.yrittajakassa.fi

In addition to experts, Company Espoo, or the Espoo Region New Enterprise Center, has members with whom we work together to support entrepreneurship.


The nationwide networked Humanities University of Applied Sciences HUMAK is the country’s largest educator of cultural producers, whose promotion of cultural production and entrepreneurship in the creative industries is central to its RDI activities. The competence centers TKI-HUMAK Meri in Turku and TKI-HUMAK Voima in Imatra are developing service innovations at the interfaces of cultural production and the creative economy. TKI-HUMAK Meri maintains a network and service entity of about 200 companies and more than a thousand players (www.kulttuuriverkko.fi) and the creative business incubator CreVe operates in connection with it.

More information:  www.humak.fi

Laurea University of Applied Sciences – More together

Laurea is Helsinki University of Applied Sciences’ service innovation university of applied sciences. Laurea’s pedagogical innovation, the Learning by Developing (LbD) operating model, is based on a development project that is truly part of working life and renews its practice.

Laurea is an international university that integrates working life, is an entrepreneurial university that serves the region, is socially responsible, values ​​people and applies applied research.

More information:  www.laurea.fi

Metropolia is Finland’s largest polytechnic operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area. It trains experts and developers in culture, business, social and health care and technology. A metropolis forms a community where different people and worlds meet and which generates insights and skills for work and well-being in life. Metropolia is a responsible partner and reformer of higher education that works together to find new solutions and build a better future.

More information:  www.metropolia.fi

Omnia is a multidisciplinary vocational training provider whose member municipalities are Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi. In Omnia’s modern learning environments, about 10,000 young people and adults study in hundreds of different professions every year. There are more than 700 employees.

Omnia’s units are a vocational college, an adult college, an apprenticeship office, youth workshops and the development unit InnoOmnia’s multidisciplinary competence center for craftsmen and innovative entrepreneurship. Omnia has extensive national and international cooperation and stakeholder networks and plays a significant role in the development of vocational education.

More information:  www.omnia.fi

Espoo offers the company a top opportunity to develop its own business and an entrepreneur a high-quality, family-friendly and nature-friendly living environment. The entrepreneurial and international climate in the area, the culture of working together, well-known leading companies, a culture of subcontracting and close cooperation with training organizations are absolute strengths and tangible benefits for companies.

In Espoo, companies succeed and thrive together with the city. It is good to grow in Espoo.

More information:  www.espoo.fi

The municipality of Kirkkonummi offers companies operating in its area excellent transport connections, a well-educated workforce and the business opportunities brought by a growing population (37,000 inhabitants). You can reach Helsinki by car in less than half an hour.

There are two vibrant entrepreneur associations in the municipality, Kirkkonummen Yrittäjät ry and Kirkkonummi kuntakeskusyhdistys Kide ry, with which the municipality actively cooperates. The municipality is also a member association of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce. Through the procurement of purchasing services, the municipality is a partner of several companies.

The municipality finances and directs the activities of vocational training institutions in the region, ensuring the supply of skilled labor to companies in the area. The municipality of Kirkkonummi also annually finances the regional Leader rural development program managed by Pomoväst ry, from which companies can also receive development support.

Information on commercial plots and business premises for sale or rent in the Kirkkonummi area can be found at http://www.kirkkonummi.fi/yrijat

The municipality has arranged advisory services for start-ups and existing companies through EnterpriseEspoo. On the website of the municipality of Kirkkonummi / for companies, you will find a great tool CompanyTinter to help you plan your own business.

More information:  www.kirkkonummi.fi

More information:  www.finnvera.fi