The Establishment of the company


Starting a business, how do I get started?

How can a business idea be transformed into a business plan? How is the company’s financing organized? Who helps with accounting, legal affairs or marketing? Is it worth setting up a limited company or a business name? What are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur? Starting a business requires careful preparation and it is definitely worth starting with expert guidance.

EnterpriseEspoo is a full-service start-up center, supported by a team of skilled business advisors. We provide sparring for developing a business idea and advice on choosing a company form. You can also visit us before applying for a start-up grant.

Your business advisor will give you tips for making a business plan and check that the profitability and financial calculations you have made are in order.

So starting a business should start with careful planning. You can find the basis of the business plan and various calculation templates here . It is a good idea to make preliminary plans before your first meeting at YritysEspoo to get the most out of your visit.
In addition to our business advisors, you have access to our local network of experts. contract law, marketing and accounting. The first consultation visit with an expert is free of charge.

Among the companies to be established, we also identify Startup companies. We help with business start-up issues and coach you to approach financiers correctly. Our diverse cooperation network also includes partners suitable for start-up companies to speed up the journey.

We also offer immigrant clients expert business advice, e.g. licensing matters. Our counseling languages are Finnish, Swedish, English, Chinese and Russian. The quality of our operations is indicated by Inspecta’s certificate.


Events and support in the future

We regularly organize  webinars on starting a business, where you can learn about entrepreneurship and network. There are also other entrepreneurship courses, events and workshops for those who are just thinking about starting a business and those who are already entrepreneurs. Welcome aboard! EnterpriseEspoo’s advice is personal, confidential and free of charge.


Here's how we serve:

Book an appointment in either Otaniemi, Espoo or Kirkkonummi.
You will benefit more from your advisory visit if you have at least a preliminary business plan in place.

Meeting with a business advisor
Discuss your needs, go through setting up your own business in general, draw up a business plan and calculations, and agree on the next steps.

Meeting with a network expert A business
Advisor can recommend further discussion with, for example, an accounting firm, insurance company, communications agency, bank or lawyer.

Follow-up advice
You can come to us as often as your business needs require it. We will also serve your company after the establishment phase.