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We are helping entrepreneurs in the interest rate crisis

Our business experts will help you solve the challenges posed by the corona crisis. In the list below, we’ve put together a set of suggestions for action to help your business improve its chances of surviving the crisis. At the end of the text, you will also find useful links to advice and support opportunities provided by others.

Please also remember that you can book an appointment with our free business advice when it suits you. We currently serve remotely and by phone.

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10 + 1 ways to ensure the company's liquidity

Make a cash flow forecast , ie a calculation of the company’s income and expenses, using the attached Excel template.

If your company has a bank loan, you should contact the bank and apply for a corporate loan with no installments.

Finnvera has excellent customer service, where you can ask about loan opportunities, working capital financing and guarantees.

If you have products to stock , reduce inventories and consider whether you have realizable fixed assets, that is, whether you could sell a car or machinery, for example, and acquire it on a lease.

If the corona situation has taken your customer away temporarily, contact the landlord and try to negotiate a transfer of rent or a rent reduction.

If the need for space required by your business has been permanently reduced, apply for a smaller space or subtenant to share the space and costs.

Flexibility can also be achieved for pension contributions , and a payment plan can be agreed for other insurance contributions . The transfer of payments is successful if the company’s liquidity has temporarily weakened, but the solution is in sight: there is, for example, agreed billable work or the possibility of realizing real estate or securities.

Agree with employees on sick leave, teleworking, taking overtime or holidays, and possible layoffs.

Prepaid taxes should apply lower tax administration OmaVeropalvelussa, the result will be smaller than expected. For temporary payment difficulties, you can apply for a payment order from the Tax Administration’s service number 029 497 028 (payment arrangements) or in OmaVero. 8. Entrepreneurs receive financial assistance free of charge from the Yritys-Suomi Talousapu – advisory service, tel. +358 295 024 880. The service is open Mon-Fri from 9 am to 4 pm.

An entrepreneur can now also register as a jobseeker with the TE Office through the Oma transaction service and receive unemployment benefits . You don’t have to stop doing business, you can do as much work in your own company as there is enough work.

For up-to-date information on all support opportunities available to entrepreneurs, follow the Finnish Entrepreneurs’ comprehensive All-Corona to Entrepreneur section for entrepreneurs at


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